T.D.M. – You can achieve anything with passion

T.D.M. stands for dialogue marketing of the highest order. But it’s only the friendliness and happy disposition of our team that makes us your perfect partner. We enjoy our work – and you can hear it in our voices. But there is much more to learn about T.D.M...

T.D.M. – Your communication experts

Cost reductions, market penetration, increased earnings – those are three strong arguments for deploying T.D.M. telephone marketing measures in your company. Our wide-ranging offers include effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) from A to Z.

Manage customer relationships – the right way

Thanks to the targeted deployment of dialogue concepts, we can not only win new customer groups for your product but also convince dormant customers to return.

Achieve more through individuality

With all our measures, we respond to your individual requirements and find specific solutions for you. That’s no empty promise but goes without saying – as every project is different and that’s the way we approach it at T.D.M.

Discover our offers and your benefit – or take advantage of a personal consultation!

Outsourcing with T.D.M.

T.D.M. – a principle that works

Why would outsourcing be worth your while? It’s simple: As a full-service provider, we will handle all your dialogue marketing processes. In doing so, we will optimise your processes, thereby reducing your costs. We will increase your sales and bottom-line contribution by means of an integrated concept tailored perfectly to your portfolio of products and services. And that will pay off for you.

In over 11,000 projects, we have been able to support companies from industry, IT, the banking sector, insurance companies, services and retailers with our successful dialogue marketing concepts.

Outsourcing with T.D.M. – and customer management is a success module

Outsourcing with T.D.M. offers you many advantages:

In T.D.M., you will be relying on experienced professionals – so your success is guaranteed.

We will take care of all the details – and you will have more time for your company.

You will save on staff and thus on costs, existing staff will be more effectively deployed.

Even when products are launched at short notice or with large-scale campaigns, you will immediately have sufficient manpower with T.D.M. – giving you greater flexibility and allowing you to respond quickly as events unfold.

We don’t just google for answers, we already know how customer communication works!