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T.D.M.'s business solutions

Core expertise in dialogue marketing for successful marketing and specialising in products and services that require explanation. Applied since 1983 and proven in practice.


Inbound with T.D.M. – proficient and focused on success

Your customers will be superbly served by T.D.M.

Are you short of time or trained staff for important conversations with customers? The T.D.M. solution: We will take calls for you, advise your customers, set up meetings or record orders and support you in achieving your targets by means of telephone, fax, letter or email.

You will enjoy the support of real experts in dialogue.

Thanks to years of experience and constant product / project training by you and our coaches, our permanent staff will fit in perfectly with your company. T.D.M. will talk your language and represent your company perfectly to the outside world.

T.D.M.’s Inbound service offers you many powerful benefits

  • You will save on costly investments in staff and technology
  • Professional inbound services will achieve maximum results for your company.
  • Your customers will enjoy first-class customer service – increasing customer satisfaction and with it your sales.
  • Our experienced T.D.M. telephone marketers will give your company image a long-lasting boost.

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Outbound with T.D.M. – and your success is guaranteed

Your customers will be superbly served by T.D.M.

Regardless of what sector of industry you are working in, your success always depends on constant dialogue between you and your customers. T.D.M. will support you with over 30 years of experience and outbound strategies conceived by professionals.

We will approach your customers directly by telephone, identify their desires and interests, provide comprehensive information and sell your product or service or else set up meetings. In the process, we will check and optimise the details you hold on your customers. In this way, you will receive not only large quantities of contacts but also high-quality leads.

Your targets are in safe hands with T.D.M.

T.D.M.’s Outbound service offers you many powerful benefits

  • Your target markets will be targeted effectively
  • You will win new customers
  • The pressure will be taken off your own sales organisation
  • You will save on costly investments in staff and technology
  • You will receive qualified leads saving you printing costs and postage for misdirected or duplicate mailshots
  • You can react quickly to the latest demands of the market and your customers
  • A professional outbound operation will give your sales a permanent boost

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Our services for your success
  • Awaken interest
  • Determine requirements
  • Set up meetings
  • Sell products or services
  • Survey customer satisfaction / determine NPS
  • Bolster customer service
  • Carry out CATI questionnaires
  • Determine wishes for communication and generate opt-ins
  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • Issue invitations to trade fairs
  • Win back customers
  • Issue reminders by telephone


T.D.M.’s Mailing service – simple, practical and effective

With T.D.M., you’ll have the follow-up from a single source

As a full-service provider, T.D.M. also offers you the chance to have your entire mailshot process handled by us. We have our own pallet storage. Naturally, we also count the registration of leads and processing of responses among our responsibilities.

Fast service for fast success

Just been on the phone and already on the road: On request, T.D.M. will send out information and samples to your customers on a daily basis. Because as the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm.

T.D.M.’s Mailing service offers you many powerful benefits

  • Perfectly coordinated workflows will guarantee you success
  • You will save on high storage costs for your mailshots
  • You will avoid the extra effort of registering leads and processing responses
  • Even large mailshot campaigns are easily accomplished
  • You can respond promptly to customer wishes – that gives you the edge over your competitors
  • Multi-stage campaigns are possible

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Our services for your success
  • Manual data registration
  • Registration of responses / leads
  • Despatch of documents by email / fax
  • Personalised and individual letters in mini mailshot format
  • Samples, catalogues and product information sent out on a daily basis

IT- solutions

IT solutions from T.D.M. – higher performance, greater efficiency, more success

Modern, powerful IT infrastructure and technology refined down to the last detail – this is what enables T.D.M. to offer efficient sales and marketing management. On request, our IT concepts can be easily and affordably integrated with your existing hardware and software systems.

Security of the highest pedigree

Our main focus is on delivering extremely powerful security solutions to protect against hackers, viruses and other risks. Secure internet connections are one of our core areas of expertise.

Customised IT concepts

You have individual demands of your IT? And well you should have! We will develop customised hardware and software on request, perfectly adapted to meet your objectives. The result is maximum success!

You, too, can benefit from T.D.M.’s IT concepts


Fundraising, donation hotline / donation software

T.D.M. Donation service

When natural disasters strike and people are in need, fast action is required

T.D.M. supports charitable institutions and certified organisations with full service for inbound and outbound campaigns.

To win new donors,

T.D.M. has experienced staff to make your fundraising campaigns a success. Together with the fundraising team, the responsible project manager will draw up the communication concept to swiftly expand your donor base.

T.D.M.’s Donation service offers you powerful advantages

  • Employees trained to show extreme tact
  • Highly professional processing designed to instil confidence in your donors
  • Successfully tried and tested systems in the field of IT and call management
  • Relationships with donors bolstered and the number of donors boosted

The 24 hour T.D.M. donor hotline can be quickly set up

With natural disasters, fast action is required You will immediately receive an enabled service number, and the 24 hour donor hotline will be at your disposal.

T.D.M.’s Donation software for TV charity donor hotlines

Are you expecting a high number of calls in the call centres as a result of appeals for donations on TV and would you like to have your donation data easily and securely captured?

T.D.M. has the right solution:

Our high-performance donation registration software has been tried and tested over many years and enables even inexperienced employees to use entry aids and plausibility checks to quickly register the donation data. Several thousand call agents work in parallel on our servers through secure internet connections with no waiting time.

Various back office functions are used to provide data for a donation clock, conveyor belt display, raffles as well as for the processing of major donations. Data clearing and preparations for direct debit will be put in place within a very short space of time.

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Coaching, Training & Consulting

Would you like to train your staff to work the phones?

Company seminars: Practical tips for successful dialogue marketing

The T.D.M. Training centre in Sarstedt has been offering you the complete gamut of professional training in the field of dialogue marketing, tailormade to your needs and based on practical experience, since 1983

Based on the principle of learning by doing, the contents of the seminars are derived from the practical experience of its own call centres. This is ideal for training on the job – practical solutions from practical experience!

Please ask us for more details. We will be glad to advise you!


T.D.M.’s Seminars for agents

Practical solutions from practical experience

Copious experience in the field of telephone marketing has formed the basis for these seminars for agents since 1976. Those in charge of the seminars draw on a wealth of telephone marketing campaigns in their own call centres using the motto: “practical solutions from practical experience”.

T.D.M.’s Seminars for agents have become a byword for targeted personnel development programmes. Every measure is individually attuned to the corporate objective and participants’ training needs. Participants are able to put what they have learned into practice to good effect immediately.

Setting up meetings

How to set up an appointment on the telephone


Learn successful techniques for planning routes and setting up appointments.


  • Dialogue presentation
  • group activity
  • live conversations with customers serviced

Length of seminar:

  • 1 day, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


  • Preparing the call
  • objective of the call
  • starting the call
  • coherent arguments
  • areas of motivation and customer’s wishes
  • overcoming specific barriers
  • dealing with objections
  • planning meetings and routes
  • drawing up solutions based on specific tasks

Winning new customers

How to successfully win new customers on the telephone


To present the company and its products in a positive light, awaken interest, determine needs and wishes through positive forms of expression in the course of the telephone conversation. Building trust.


  • Dialogue presentation
  • live conversations with customers serviced

Length of seminar:

  • 2 days, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


  • Selecting addresses, preparing the conversation
  • How do I get through to the right person to talk to?
  • Obtaining information through question techniques
  • Phases in the telephone conversation.– Starting the conversation– Awakening interest and curiosity

    – Building trust

    Drawing up a discussion guide for winning new customers on the basis of specific tasks

    The telephone guide will be put into practice immediately and analysed

Telephone sales

How to sell successfully over the telephone


To conduct conversations that promote sales, to present the company and its products in a positive light, determine needs and wishes of interlocutors and close sales deals.


  • Dialogue presentation
  • group activity
  • live conversations with customers serviced

Length of seminar:

  • 2 days, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


  • Basics of sales and negotiation techniques
  • making communication more direct and personal
  • positive attitude
  • preparing the conversation
  • the rules of listening
  • obtaining information through question techniques
  • phases of a sales conversation on the telephone:– Starting the conversation

    – Areas of motivation

    – Dealing with objections

    – Closing sales

  • Responding to customer requests
  • What has to come afterwards: Closing the sale
  • After-sales service, trading up, cross-selling

Customer service

How to optimise your customer relationships on the telephone


To focus on the customer and their benefit during the call, represent the company in the best possible way, deliberately use positive forms of expression during the call.


  • Dialogue presentation
  • group activity
  • live conversations with customers serviced

Length of seminar:

  • 2 days, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


  • Building, maintaining and cementing customer relationships
  • Addressing the customer in a friendly tone by using positive expressions
  • Focus on finding out what the customer wants
  • paying more attention when listening
  • finding successful answers to customer enquiries
  • Follow up quotations and bring them to a close
  • Supply delivery information, agree dates
  • agree dates
  • Judge complaints in a positive light

Accepting orders

How to make it easy for customers to order on the phone


To give the caller the best, long-lasting impression of the company.


  • Dialogue presentation
  • Draw up specific examples of the best way to receive a call
  • Group activity
  • Practical exercises, live conversations with customers serviced

Length of seminar:

  • 2 days, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


  • How to successfully broach the subject of taking an order over the phone
  • The caller desires a personal conversation
  • How to open the conversation
  • Find out the reason for the call, needs and what the customer wantsQuestion technique for analysing needs and reason for purchase
  • Provide active help to make it easy for the caller to decide
  • Additional offer focused on the customer’s needs
  • Discuss the price responsibly
  • Avoid order cancellations

Complaints management

How to give dissatisfied customers the best service


Complaints and claims are opportunities for a good customer relationship


  • Dialogue presentation
  • Group activity
  • Draw up specific rules on what to say based on practical examples
  • On-the-job training in individual conversations

Length of seminar:

  • 2 days, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


  • Paying attention to what the customer is saying
  • actively managing the conversation through listening
  • obtaining information through question techniques
  • Analyse customer satisfaction
  • View complaints as a sales opportunity
  • Present your arguments and answer questions with confidence
  • How to react to “furious” callers
  • How to turn a disappointed customer into a satisfied regular customer.
  • Tips for self-motivation
  • Coping with stress situations

Winning back customers

How to seize the chance to win back lost customers


Point the customer towards positive alternatives by adopting the right conversational techniques


  • Dialogue presentation
  • Practical training
  • Group activity
Length of seminar:
  • 2 days, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Success factors in a telephone conversation
  • Ask for the reasons for the termination in a positive tone
  • What are the customer’s requirements and desires?
  • Reason with the customer from the perspective of their requirements
  • Methods for dealing with objections
  • Success factors in a telephone conversation
  • How to focus on benefits and advantages during the conversation
  • How can I motivate the customer to stay
  • Legal framework
  • Coping with stress situations

Telephone switchboard

How your telephone switchboard can become your company’s calling card


Participants in this seminar will learn how to focus on the customer when receiving a call and the rules for answering calls in the best possible way.


  • Dialogue presentation
  • Group activity
  • Practice conversations based on real situations
Length of seminar:
  • 1 day, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • The telephone switchboard – the audio calling card
  • Saying hello and introducing yourself
  • Psychology of positive conversation
  • The technique of asking questions and holding
  • The person you are calling is absent – what to do?
  • Coping with stress situations
  • Steering the call in the right direction
  • Minimising queues
  • Call distribution
  • Service level as success factor

Training on the job

How you can acquire proven strategies and techniques.


Project managers and team leaders receive proven tools and specific solutions for daily use.


  • Workshop
  • Development of proposals for solving specific problems

Length of seminar:

  • Time required dependent on the problem
  • The benefits of dialogue marketing
  • Develop an induction and training programme
  • Team building
  • Implementing telephone marketing campaigns
  • Drawing up concepts and telephone discussion guides for your own objectives
  • Motivational programmes
  • Coaching methods and tools