T.D.M. – You can achieve anything with passion

T.D.M. stands for dialogue marketing of the highest order. But it’s only the friendliness and happy disposition of our team that makes us your perfect partner. We enjoy our work – and you can hear it in our voices. But there is much more to learn about T.D.M...

Working for T.D.M. – we look forward to meeting you

The commitment and enthusiasm of our permanent full-time staff have made T.D.M. what it is today: a powerful, successful service provider for dialogue marketing with many prestigious partners. Growth is guaranteed: That is why we are constantly on the look-out for friendly employees for our team who like us greatly enjoy contact with people and are enthusiastic about technical products and services in need of explanation.

We offer our employees an environment where they can feel at ease and we will promote their personal strengths as well as team spirit. Training, the promotion of young talent and permanent appointments are as much a part of T.D.M. as the Klug family which founded this successful company in 1983. Employees and customers are highly appreciative of the blend of professional and family management. This creates a cohesion that is enjoyable, generates growth and leads to success with passion.

an employer with good transport links

T.D.M’s headquarters can be easily reached by public transport.

Bon appetit with a meal allowance

T.D.M. also takes care of its employees’ physical well-being. For example, as an employee, you will receive a meal allowance.

Together we are strong

Camaraderie is a top priority at T.D.M. and we are always open to joint exploits. The T.D.M. running team is at the head of the field, and the bowling group is quite a hit.

Just take a look at our job offers to see where we need reinforcements!

Training and further education at T.D.M.

Continuous training

Training at T.D.M. Is a permanent process: T.D.M.’s quality management ranges from basic training to advanced, project-related training. The most important prerequisite for satisfied customers is satisfied employees who are fully behind the product on offer (whether a good or service). Their own conviction is especially important in the process.

T.D.M. promotes and supports employees who participate in in-service training.


Employee promotion at T.D.M.

The promotion of employees starts before their appointment

The skills of applicants are recorded in a selection process and tested in one-day training on the job.

The basic training

is the first step in a series of training measures in which the tools needed for working in T.D.M’s call centres or directly on the customer’s premises are communicated.

Advanced training

Enables service specialists to provide customer-driven consulting and impart the skills needed to close sales with the result that even after short training which also includes listening in on experienced colleagues, they can begin their active work.

Participation in product training

is a vital condition for working on customer projects. Here, every employee has the chance to rise to become a team leader.

Project manager

is the next step on the career ladder. The project manager supports the department head by taking on reporting duties and agreeing targets as well as coaching measures.

Personnel growth

The T.D.M. personnel growth system offers every employee the chance

  • to reach or surpass their campaign targets through their personal commitment.
  • In addition, T.D.M. promotes and supports employees who participate in in-service training.
  • If they have the right aptitude, they can rise up the career ladder

Here’s what employees have to say about T.D.M.

Norma writes:

“What I appreciate about T.D.M. is that even at my age, i.e. over 50, you get another chance, as well as the good camaraderie among colleagues and the good training”

Michael writes:

“What I particularly like at T.D.M. is the good, friendly rapport in our team. I have been working here since 2008 and in this time, I have won many new friends. For example, we also meet at the weekend to take part in races with our T.D.M. running team.”

Christoph writes:

“Employees at T.D.M. get many further training seminars offered to them which make our work much easier and support it.”

Anke writes:

“I am happy and satisfied as I can prove to young workmates that success in your working life doesn’t just benefit the employer.”

Elvis writes:

“At T.D.M., I find what I otherwise have only seen in text books: flexible working hours, extensive, internal further training offers as well as a company running team for sporting activity.”

Felix writes:

“I enjoy working at T.D.M. because we are one big family here. Nice people and a pleasant working atmosphere are very important to me; only then can you have fun and enjoyment in your daily work. Success usually comes of its own accord.”

Cindy writes:

“I’m doing my training to become a dialogue marketing specialist at T.D.M. What I especially like is the variety of different tasks and challenges on offer in the company. The atmosphere is good and we are a good team.

Derya writes:

“Hi, I’m a trainee and I enjoy working at T.D.M., my workmates are nice and I have interesting assignments with a lot of variety.”

Maurice writes:

“I’m a trainee here at T.D.M. and I am learning the profession of IT specialist with an emphasis on application development. My workmates are nice and friendly and I really enjoy my work. I have a very talented instructor who supports me throughout the course with his knowledge and advice.”

Virginia writes:

“I completed my 3-year training as a dialogue marketing specialist at T.D.M. Thanks to my in-depth training, I am able to tackle the new requirements and challenges with confidence.”

Ellen writes:

“I have been working in Outbound at T.D.M. for over 20 years. As a result of the many different projects, I have gained insights over the years into many interesting sectors and companies for which I have established leads on the phone. I would never have experienced the breadth of products and services for which I was trained, anywhere else.”

Jan-Niclas writes:

“At T.D.M., I am a trainee in the field of dialogue marketing. I have many opportunities here to contribute to the company over and above the normal contents of my course, e.g. as a First Aider.”

Necla writes:

“I am a trainee at T.D.M. and I enjoy learning here as I am backed and supported to achieve my training goals. To help me pass my practical exam, I get the chance to support project managers in their daily work.”

Heiko writes:

I have been with the company for over 10 years now. Starting as a call centre agent, I have been able to keep growing over this period. T.D.M. has always supported me along the way. Today, I look after the area of data protection and order management. I really enjoy having direct contact with our clients from a wide variety of sectors. That makes my working day totally exciting and full of variety.”

Mario writes:

“I’m a trainee in my first year. Even in my first year of training, I was able to represent my year at the Young Professionals in Berlin. I made the national top 10 for our company T.D.M.”