T.D.M. – You can achieve anything with passion

T.D.M. stands for dialogue marketing of the highest order. But it’s only the friendliness and happy disposition of our team that makes us your perfect partner. We enjoy our work – and you can hear it in our voices. But there is much more to learn about T.D.M...

T.D.M. – You can achieve anything with passion

You can only embrace communication with heart and soul if you know how it works. Our passion for dialogue with people is the foundation of our daily work. We offer you support in all forms of interaction whether with new media or old. That’s why it makes no difference to our expertise in the art of communication as to how you talk to your customers; we will adapt your processes at home and abroad, and add in our experience of a wide range of sectors stretching back over 30 years.

Passion is often defined as “love for something that you like”. We love the idea of solving your challenge for you. So put us to the test, put your trust in us and we will make you more successful. We promise!

Quality through Dialogue

“Quality through Dialogue” – 3 words that express in a nutshell what we are passionate about and the priorities we set at T.D.M. At T.D.M. we see ourselves as pedigree service providers in the field of dialogue marketing.

Our philosophy since 1983 which is as true today as it was then, runs as follows:

“Our customers represent our most valuable asset. Looking after and maintaining this precious commodity should be the core mission of our work at all times.”

Cost-effectiveness is the prerequisite, trust the basis for successful action.

Take advantage of our success story.

T.D.M. Company Profile

Inception of the company: 1983

Second generation of family management:
the siblings Dietmar and Carola Klug

Specialisation: Telephone marketing know-how based on over 30 years of agency experience focused on telephone marketing for technical products and services that require explanation – all this guarantees reliable, success-driven collaboration with us as your partner.

Agency milestones:

1983 active telephone marketing

1984 seminars for telephone operatives

1991 direct marketing

1993 inbound telephone marketing

1994 development of databases, first expansion of the company

1999 mailing service, second expansion of the company

2000 email processing, IT solution

2001 development of CRM database, web-based

Agency milestones:

2005 third expansion of the company

2006 initialisation of new dialogue marketing traineeships

2008 25-year anniversary

2011 fifth expansion of the company

2013 sixth expansion of the company

2014 worldwide network of dialogue marketing partners for multilingual projects

We don’t want to be the largest because our objective is not our size but your satisfaction!

We have the best prerequisites for individual telephone marketing:
individual employees.

Employees at T.D.M.

T.D.M. has over 450 employees. The special feature by comparison with traditional call centres: all our telemarketers have permanent contracts and receive regular training. At T.D.M., Quality through Dialogue means that we attach particular importance to giving our staff continuous training.


Carola Klug

Co-founder and has worked in the company since 1987; as the Managing Director, she pulls the strings together with her brother Dietmar Klug, and sets the strategy. She is mainly responsible for personnel and financial accounting and she shapes the success of T.D.M. by ensuring balanced growth and stability. “T.D.M. was founded as a family enterprise. And family plays a major role at T.D.M. Our employees enjoy the very pleasant working environment created by the family atmosphere. This is reflected in good service which delights both interlocutors and clients.”

Dietmar Klug,

Managing Director, who holds a degree in Direct Marketing (BAW), runs the company together with his sister Carola Klug and sets the strategy. He is mainly responsible for operations, sales and controlling and he shapes the success of T.D.M. through his dynamism and energy. “Satisfied customers, employees and suppliers constitute the success factors in our work. So even in the second generation, we stick to the principle of reliable partnership. In that way, we can further expand T.D.M.’s services for you thanks to our stability and continuity.”

T.D.M. – social commitment

The milestones:

In 1983, the year of the company’s inception, company founder Barbara F. Klug advocated for separate training courses for telephone marketing. It wasn’t until 2006 that the two professions “Service Agent for Dialogue Marketing (2-year training)” and “Dialogue Marketing Specialist (3-year training)” were born.

1984 Traineeships offered for Office Administrators
1994 Traineeships for the blind and visually impaired with certificate from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce
2000 Traineeships for IT specialists for Application Development
2001 Traineeships for IT specialists for System Integration
2006 Traineeships for Service Agents for Dialogue Marketing“ and “Dialogue Marketing Specialists“

As a responsible company, T.D.M. plays its part in facilitating interesting professional training for young people in promising areas of business both in the call centre and in the IT department as an IT specialist for application development.

Soft skills for T.D.M. staff:

  • Every year, 20 young people are trained at the company’s headquarters in Sarstedt.
  • The first employee – appointed in 1983 – is still with T.D.M. today.
  • T.D.M. staff members are loyal and many stay with T.D.M. for 10, 20 years or longer.
  • Social commitment also includes the employment of staff members with disabilities.
  • As a lecturer and member of the audit committee, T.D.M.’s founder Barbara F. Klug set up the course “Blind and visually impaired telephone marketing specialist” together with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
  • T.D.M. call centre in Sarstedt, no outsourcing to low-wage countries.
  • Fair remuneration in personnel development system with fixed salaries.