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T.D.M.'s customer solutions

Finding the most appropriate solution for every problem is the most important factor for successful business relationships at T.D.M. Individual briefings, teams with empathy and creative potential as well as delivering successful performance on time in qualified project teams – these are the success factors for “Quality through Dialogue”

Quotations, benefits & more

Put your trust in T.D.M. – your relationships expert when it comes to direct marketing by phone

Nurturing relationships as the secret of our success: If you nurture your customer relationships, you will reap the rewards

Cost reductions, market penetration, increased earnings – those are three strong arguments for deploying T.D.M. telephone marketing measures in your company. Our wide-ranging offers include effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) from A to Z.

Manage customer relationships – the right way

Thanks to the targeted deployment of dialogue concepts, we can not only win new customer groups for your product but also convince customers that have been wooed away to return.

Achieve more through individuality

With all our measures, we respond to your individual requirements and find specific solutions for you. That’s no empty promise but goes without saying – as every project is different and that’s the way we approach it at T.D.M.

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Answering calls

T.D.M. will answer calls for you – that will please you and your customers

Permanent availability through T.D.M.’s Inbound service

With the T.D.M. inbound service, you will guarantee that your customers can reach you at all times – even during your peak season and in holiday periods. Our employees will be there for your customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, even outside of your hours of business.

Service backed by know-how

On request, our employees will also take on the role of a technical hotline. This not only guarantees satisfied customers but also keeps your costs within manageable proportions. Because you only count the costs actually incurred – expensive idle time is not an issue.

T.D.M.’s Inbound service offers you many powerful benefits:

Permanent availability and the best possible service for the highest level of customer satisfaction

Accurate registration and transfer of calls

round the clock, on all weekdays, weekends and national holidays

Active reception of orders with

cross selling and upselling

Daily despatch of

catalogues and samples

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Optimise your customer service

T.D.M.’s Customer service – raise your competitiveness

With our telephone professionals, we offer the ideal reinforcements for your own customer service. This way, you will always have the perfect structure even at the peak of campaigns, in holiday periods or times of sickness. For example, T.D.M.’s 1st Level Support can take the pressure off your technical customer service by taking over standard enquiries, leaving your experts time for complicated questions which experience shows only account for one in 20 incoming calls.


Competent service for satisfied customers

T.D.M.’s telephone experts can even offer you expert service for technical problems. They will analyse your potential for you by means of customer-focused conversations, ensuring permanent availability and exact documentation of all enquiries.

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T.D.M.’s Customer service offers you powerful advantages

You will maintain flexibility at all times by passing any excess demand on to us. When it comes to campaigns, you will automatically have sufficient manpower. You will be perfectly organised even in holiday periods or times of sickness. You will save on costly investments in staff and technology. You won’t have the time-consuming task of searching for the right staff. You have the guarantee that your customers will be looked after by experienced professionals in dialogue marketing.  

Europe-wide After-sales service

T.D.M.’s After-sales service, everything from a single source throughout Europe

For manufacturers of white and brown goods who distribute throughout Europe through specialist retailers or discount stores, we offer comprehensive service for the entire after-sales area.

T.D.M. will set up a customer / complaints hotline for you across Europe. Calls will be taken by multilingual employees in the language of the particular country.

As well as checking on warranty periods and recording complaints, our technical help desk will also answer questions on how to operate and handle units. If the complaint is justified, they will either organise pick-up and repair or the despatch of a replacement unit (swap) to the customer. The repair or swap will be effected within 5 to 7 working days of receiving the call. As a further option, on-site repair on the customer’s premises by a service partner can also be organised. Europe-wide pick-up and repair as well as the despatch of replacement units or the swap service will be effected through a tight network of partners with T.D.M. as the central point of contact.

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T.D.M.’s Europe-wide After-sales service offers you powerful advantages

Central management of the entire complaints handling process throughout Europe Uniform standards with systematic reporting Statutory conditions applying to individual countries will be taken into consideration. Transparent, calculable costs for each process. T.D.M. will act as the direct point of contact for retailers / discount stores in daily business and conduct all correspondence in the national language.  

Winning new customers

T.D.M.’s New Customer service – quality and quantity guaranteed

We will win new customer groups for your products through the targeted deployment of dialogue marketing measures. T.D.M.’s CMC system is the best example: The highly personalised Call-Mail-Call communication level has proved itself to be a very successful tool for winning new customers. By finding out who the decision-makers are, we always deliver your mailshots to the right address. In the follow-up call, we arrange appointments for your sales force. In addition, T.D.M. will collect information on your customers’ requirements and sniff out cross-selling opportunities.

Including professional address management

T.D.M. will review your existing pool of addresses and process it in accordance with your wishes.

To further expand your sales activities, T.D.M. will provide you with contact addresses of professional suppliers.

Der T.D.M.’s New Customer service offers you powerful advantages

Your sales and market shares will receive a boost

You will receive qualified leads saving you printing costs and postage, avoiding misdirected items

Thanks to the professional phone-calls of our permanent staff, your company will always create a good impression.

Reduction in costs due to concentration and greater penetration of the market

Efficient use of the sales force

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Incident Reception service 24/7

T.D.M.’s Incident Reception service – 24/7 round the clock

Make yourself available whenever your customers desire!

In these times of globalisation, many companies are facing the challenge of not just offering products but also solutions. So take advantage of the T.D.M. Incident Reception service by telephone, fax, email, etc. in order to extract further sales potential from your service business.

Thanks to our trained staff, you will be reachable 24/7. This way, you will be able to meet your service obligations (SLAs) even at peak times and successfully distance yourself from fellow competitors.

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T.D.M.’s Incident Reception service 24/7 offers you powerful advantages:

  • an edge over your competitors who only offer products and not integrated concepts
  • maximum availability within and outside of business hours
  • seamless integration with your business processes
  • highest level of transparency thanks to a ticket system
  • taking the pressure off your own staff

Strengthening sales

T.D.M.’s Sales service – your professional sales reinforcement

T.D.M.’s customer service staff offer effective support for your sales force and will jump in whenever you want to launch new products or bring new offerings to market.

Here you will find sales professionals at work

Our sales professionals will arrange qualified appointments with potential new customers, conduct professional presentations and sales calls and follow up with customers already visited. All our services are totally transparent and the results can be measured and verified.

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T.D.M.’s Sales service offers you many powerful benefits:

  • You can respond flexibly at all times and focus on your regular customers without neglecting new business.
  • Your market penetration will receive a boost.
  • You will be spared the time-consuming process of looking for staff
  • Even during holiday periods and times of sickness, you will have everything perfectly covered.
  • Your sales activities can be reinforced immediately, enabling you to respond to new market situations all the faster.

Setting up meetings

T.D.M.’s Appointment service – because your time is precious

Deployment planning and having an overview of the current appointment situation are the keys to a successful sales force and technical customer service. T.D.M. therefore offers you effective solutions for simple, transparent appointment scheduling.

Strong performance

T.D.M. ensures targeted deployment of sales staff, pools individual sales and marketing measures and quickly registers mail addresses with Call-Mail-Call campaigns.

Find out now without commitment about T.D.M.’s Appointment service

T.D.M.’s Appointment service offers you many powerful benefits:

  • optimum management of sales force
  • significant cost savings through more efficient planning
  • boost in the economic efficiency of projects
  • optimisation of advice and sales
  • perfect overview of important new appointments and sudden changes to appointments
  • appointments also linked to route planning
  • Neutral analysis of weaknesses

Explaining products

T.D.M.’s Consulting service – helpful to your customers, effective for you

Technical products and services requiring explanation are T.D.M.’s special area of expertise. This specialisation has grown steadily and is the result of many years of experience in this area. We see it as our most pleasant challenge to find easy ways to communicate complex contents to your customers – because you can only enthuse someone if they understand.

We talk your language

Thanks to years of experience, our permanent staff understand how to fit in perfectly with your company and represent it to the outside world to optimum effect.

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T.D.M.’s Consulting service offers you many powerful benefits:

  • T.D.M. will familiarise itself quickly with your products and issues
  • This way we can communicate even complex subject-matter to your customers
  • Awakening desires and fulfilling them – that’s how we sell successfully
  • Information gives you an edge over your competitors
  • Weaknesses in products and services become apparent.

Issuing reminders by phone

T.D.M.’s Reminder service for later payers – helps you save time and money

T.D.M.’s specialists will adopt a friendly but determined tone and support you in collecting your outstanding invoices. Through our professional telephone reminder system, we persuade late payers to settle your claims.

T.D.M. will go into battle on your behalf

By enforcing your outstanding claims by mutual agreement before they go to court, we will save you the cost of lawyers and court fees and limit the financial loss for your company, even with customers who are already insolvent. And we do so at no administrative expense to yourself and with impressive results!

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T.D.M.’s Reminder service offers you many powerful benefits:

  • fast, cost-effective collection of outstanding invoices
  • protection against financial losses by following up claims promptly
  • savings of time and money by outsourcing to a specialist team
  • nurturing business relationships with your customers by maintaining a constant dialogue with them

Winning back customers

T.D.M.’s Win-back Service – the bonus for your sales

T.D.M. will also win back departed customers for your company by means of targeted campaigns and return offers In this way, we make a major contribution to your success.

Our friendly employees constitute your guarantee of success

T.D.M.’s employees are also excellently trained in complaints management. They are very experienced in countering even angry customers with friendliness, patience and negotiating tact. In this way, they can quickly convert a dissatisfied ex-customer to a satisfied, loyal customer once more.

Find out now without commitment about T.D.M.’s Win-back service

T.D.M.’s Win-back service offers you powerful advantages

  • Securing market share
  • customers become A customers over the long term
  • the number of negative multipliers is appreciably reduced
  • the image of your company receives a positive boost
  • weaknesses in products and/or services are detected
  • you can reduce your cost per sale

Enhancing customer loyalty


Customer Loyalty service – this way, you can steadily secure your business with regular customers

In situations of intense competition, it is more important than ever to maintain a constant dialogue with your customers, have precise knowledge of their needs and respond to them. T.D.M. will support you in doing so. We will determine and review your company’s external image and the efficiency of your sales and marketing activities. We use individual customer loyalty systems to stabilise critical business relationships and react in good time to counteract any tendency on the part of customers to leave.

Why customer loyalty is so important

When it comes to customer loyalty, the numbers speak for themselves: On average, dissatisfied customers tell 8 – 10 people about their negative experience. It is 5 – 8 times more expensive to sell a product to a new customer than to a regular customer. A company can increase its profit by 85% if it increases the number of customers it can retain by 5% per year. (Source: Kalakota/Robinson, Roadmap to Success, Reading, Mass. 1999)

Find out now without commitment about T.D.M.’s Customer Loyalty service

T.D.M.’s Customer Loyalty service offers you powerful advantages

  • Your company will impress others with its consistent customer service
  • You will successfully set yourself apart from your competitors
  • Your satisfied customers will become effective multipliers
  • Your regular customer business will be reinforced
  • Tendencies to move to a different supplier will be localised and counteracted

Issuing invitations to trade fairs


Trade Fair service – and qualified leads are guaranteed

T.D.M.’s Fair Trade service enhances the quality and quantity of your trade fair performance by means of a targeted invitation and trade fair concept. This will guarantee that interesting customers will come by your stand.

For that perfect first impression

On request, we will also process your trade fair visit reports for your CRM or inventory control system by data link, thus ensuring more efficient follow-ups. Together with the daily despatch of the information or samples requested, this guarantees that the overall impression of your trade fair performance will be favourable

Find out now without commitment about T.D.M.’s Trade Fair service

T.D.M.’s Trade Fair service offers you powerful advantages

  • invitations to qualified visitors to the trade fair with specific investment projects
  • punctual, cost-sensitive production of advertising material
  • fast response to the trade fair visit possible
  • Your regular customer business will be reinforced
  • Optimal preparation of follow-up measures by sales and marketing

CATI surveys

T.D.M.’s CATI service – professional, fast, reliable and with added value

The opportunities to use CATI telephone surveys are wide-ranging. Representative opinion polls, target market surveys or customer surveys can be carried out by phone within a short timeframe.

T.D.M. sees itself as a partner to consultants, market research companies or in-house departments which commission a reliable service provider to carry out CATI telephone surveys.

120 dedicated outbound / CATI desks, expandable to up to 200 high-quality, exclusively permanent staff, will ensure that the database is generated punctually and carefully and transferred to your SPSS, for example, for analysis and further processing.

The codebook will also be supplied on request!

Using a hitherto unique process, we will offer you the automated production of codebooks for free text answers – even for surveys already carried out. In this novel procedure, the entire sentence and its grammar is understood and coded. Specifically, this means: After a CATI, CAPI or CAWI study, the free text entries no longer have to be categorised by keywords by staff – an expensive, time-consuming procedure! You will receive the entire codebook within a single day. Compare the results with a manually produced coding sheet. You can test it free of charge!

Find out now without commitment about T.D.M.’s CATI service

T.D.M.’s CATI service offers you powerful advantages

  • flexible, reliable partner for telephone surveys for our CATI surveys
  • savings in time through the production of automated codebooks Test us free of charge! You will be able to deliver significantly faster evaluations and results.
  • Cost savings: Production of the codebook is shown to be appreciably less expensive than before.
  • Higher quality: There is no room for subjective discretion as there is with manual recording. No information is lost as can quickly happen, for example, with multiple mentions within a free text answer when categorisation by keyword is carried out manually. A graphically enhanced relational network will be supplied at the same time.
  • No investment in personnel, hardware or software for the telephone surveys and codebook production.
  • Multilingual surveys conducted by native speakers (German, English, Dutch, further languages on request).