T.D.M. Multilingual Service

The international team of T.D.M. provides multilingual services for all areas of your company. With more than 29 languages, our native speakers master the entire spectrum of European languages to provide you with the best possible support.

Multilingual services

Language: the way to the customer

Since 1983, T.D.M. has been an international dialog service provider “made in germany”.

Business partners and customers are growing together worldwide. Products and services are one unit and can no longer be considered separate. T.D.M. supports you and your inbound customers in 29 European languages with integrated solutions, and outbound with the languages German, English, French and Spanish.

Native speaking service

Authenticity and intercultural communication is essential in European customer care. Therefore, the international T.D.M. team consists mainly of native speakers. This ensures that cultural aspects are also taken into account in communication which means satisfied customers.

29 languages

T.D.M. speaks Europe

Your product in all European languages

Our international T.D.M. team consists of over 150 agents with over 29 European languages. Our agents are there for your customers in your preferred language in German, English and French 24/7.

Not only speaking, but communicating

Providing a good service requires an individual approach. Our international team not only speaks the language of your customers, but also understands your culture and is therefore able to respond to problems and wishes in an optimal way.

We love communication

… in currently 29 European languages!

Be available throughout Europe.

T.D.M. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

From lead generation and offer preparation to contract preparation, contract dispatch and contract conclusion, we accompany your customers through the entire customer journey throughout Europe.

Needs assessment, consulting, sales, and support – together we adapt our full-services to your product, language, and your industry. You will receive an individualized total package, and identify new target groups as well as business areas.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • We accompany your customers entire journey
  • We are your partner from acquisition to contract conclusion
  • Our full-service departments whether inbound or outbound cooperate across the board to achieve your goals
  • Business development: By identifying and optimizing target groups and adapting your USP´s, we expand the sales circle and significantly increase your turnover
  • All of this, communicated in multiple languages

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T.D.M. multilinguale services offers you these advantages

T.D.M. is your international dialogue service provider in inbound and outbound..

Offer your service in almost all European languages.

Native speakers not only speak your preferred language, but also take intercultural communication into account.

T.D.M. is connected Europe-wide with partners in Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Ukraine, Spain, Switzerland and many more.

Distribute your “product with a service”.

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