Traineeships at T.D.M. – We are looking forward to meeting you!

Finished with school and what’s next? Here you can get an insight into a traineeship with a future!

We are looking forward to meeting you.

You are interested in new things, you’re communicative and you can inspire people? Then you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to dialogue marketing.

At T.D.M., you’ll be in a company which has awards from the Chambers of Industry and Commerce for its traineeships offering rich and varied experience. In 1984, one year after its inception, we were offering traineeships in the area of office communication and since 2001 also for IT specialists in the area of application development and system integration.

We have been offering traineeships for service agents and dialogue marketing specialists since 2006. Here you will a job with a future. Due to the growing significance of supporting customers and potential customers, the requirement for specialist personnel and the demands placed on this profession are steadily rising. We will train you to become a marketing professional across all contact channels such as the telephone, email and social media. After your training, you will not only enjoy talking on the phone, you will also do it well.

Worth knowing: Not only has T.D.M. been offering traineeships in dialogue marketing from the very beginning, the founder of the company also played a major role in the creation of this profession. Since 1984, over 400 young people have already successfully completed their training at T.D.M.

Incidentally: We write camaraderie with a capital C at T.D.M. We are always up for joint exploits. The T.D.M. running team is at the head of the field. And the bowling group is quite a hit. For those looking to further train their voice and who are in need of company after work, the best idea is to take part in our karaoke evenings.

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Your training at T.D.M.

Training at T.D.M., what does that mean?

With us, you will get practical, individually tailored training. One of the most important goals of our dual training concept is for you to achieve the level of skill required to be able to work independently. This concept includes trainee feedback, trainee seminars, exam preparation, participation in competitions and the fact that trainee is trainee and they have to learn the job first. This gives you the chance at T.D.M. to play an active role in shaping your training from the very first day.

Besides a trainee salary usual for the sector, here are some of the ways in which we will support you:

  • Travel subsidy
  • Cost of text books paid
  • Subsidised Trainee Ticket for the region
  • Meal allowance

You can learn the following traineeship professions with us:

Dialogue Marketing Service Agent

Dialogue Marketing Service Agent:
  • Communicate and correspond with customers confidently and competently using information and communication systems
  • Analyse requirements, advise customers and offer customised solutions to problems
  • Deploy rhetorical skills and conversation techniques to fit the situation
  • Present products and services in a way that is appropriate for the customer and sell them
  • Process and respond to customer enquiries, orders and complaints
  • Actively make contact with customers and potential customers
  • Help to prepare projects, carry them out in the team and document the results
  • Take account of specific indicators and parameters for project controlling
  • Use databases, update and back up data
  • Apply relevant legal regulations, data protection provisions and security regulations.

If you finish your training to become a service agent with good marks after your 2nd year, there will be an opportunity to upgrade to become a dialogue marketing specialist for the 3rd year.

We will be happy to give you further insights during an interview.

Dialogue Marketing Specialist:

The three-year training course “Dialogue Marketing Specialist” builds on the two-year training course leading to the qualification of “Dialogue Marketing Service Agent” For the first two years, service agents and specialists undergo the same training..

Dialogue Marketing Specialist:
  • Communicate and correspond with clients and customers confidently and competently including in a foreign language
  • Plan, organize, supervise and document campaigns and projects
  • Plan and carry out measures to recruit, onboard, deploy and grow staff
  • Manage and supervise project handling from a business administration perspective particularly with the aid of indicators and parameters specific to call centres
  • Process all tasks with the support of information and communication systems
  • Help to draw up quotations, prepare and conclude contracts, calculate offers
  • Present and sell products and services for clients with the focus on the customer
  • Process enquiries, orders and complaints from clients and customers
  • Check the performance of the order with the aid of quality assurance tools
  • Observe the market and competitors and assist in drawing up the quotation.

We will be happy to give you further insights during an interview.

Office managment clerk

Office managment clerk
  • will work in numerous departments: Sales, Personnel, Accounts, Reception, …
  • carry out commercial, administrative and organisational tasks: e.g. process orders, set up personnel files, record documents, …
  • take on secretarial and assistant jobs, produce statistics and record customer data, maintain diaries and holiday lists
  • are experts in written and oral communication, compose letters, emails, notices and minutes
  • Plan and carry out measures to recruit, onboard, deploy and grow staff
  • Help to draw up quotations, prepare and conclude contracts, calculate offers
  • represent the company to the outside world
  • communicate and correspond with clients and customers confidently and competently

We will be happy to give you further insights during an interview.

IT Specialists for Application Development

IT Specialists for Application Development:
  • conceive and realise complex systems of information and telecommunications technology by integrating software components
  • install and configure networked information and communication systems
  • commission information and telecommunications systems
  • deploy the methods of project planning, execution and monitoring
  • remedy malfunctions through the use of expert systems and diagnostic tools
  • administer information and communication systems
  • present system solutions
  • advise and train users

Some overlap in course contents with that of IT Specialist for System Integration. We will be happy to give you further insights during an interview.

IT Specialists for System Integration

IT Specialists for System Integration:
  • produce customised IT solutions by integrating hardware and software components to build complex (networked and non-networked) systems
  • plan and implement client/server systems, multi-user systems, mainframe systems
  • install complex IT systems for internal or external customers
  • remedy malfunctions that occur through the use of modern expert systems and diagnostic tools
  • manage projects for designing, installing, expanding and servicing computer systems or networks of all sizes, including devices, operating systems and system software in the relevant area of application
  • support and inform users in the selection and deployment of computers and networks
  • produce documentation such as system documentation, user manuals, online help
  • organise user training
  • observe the market for IT technology and systems, hardware and software products

Some overlap in course contents with that of IT Specialist for Application Development We will be happy to give you further insights during an interview.

Important for your application

You want to apply to T.D.M. but how do you go about it?

To enable us to form an impression of you and your achievements to date, please send us an informative application. For us, an informative application must at the least include your address, your c.v. and your last three school report cards. We will also be very pleased to receive any internship certificates, records or documents

Is your application ready now?

You can apply here directly.

Please note: We will contact you on the phone a few days after receiving your application in order to conduct a telephone interview with you and to explain the next steps to you.

Just call us if you have any questions on the traineeship. You can reach us on 0049 (0)5066-606-036.

Your career opportunities at T.D.M.

You have completed your training with good marks and you’ve enjoyed the work? Then we will give you a guarantee to take you on!

Once you have finished your training, you will know every area and department and their respective assignments. During your training, you can set priorities and find out where your strengths and preferences lie.

Alternatively, if you wish to take further training or a degree course after finishing your traineeship, we will work out an individual solution together.

After you have finished, you’ll be able to get cracking with us. There is a huge variety of areas in which you can specialise and develop your strengths. We will give you the chance to play an active role in project management and in critical phases.

Join us as a:

  • Telephone customer advisor
  • Sales professional in active lead generation
  • Administrator

and grow into the role of:

  • Team leader or project manager
  • Supervisor
  • Coach

T.D.M. Trainees

Summer 2019

14 new trainees hit the ground running!

14 new trainees will be hitting the ground running with us this year. Besides our dialogue marketing specialists and agents, this year we also have two arrivals in the field of IT specialists for application development and system integration. We can’t wait till our newcomers have finished their induction weeks and come to our departments. It only remains to say: Welcome 2019 trainees ☺☻ You want to be with us in 2020? Then click here and see what we’ve got for you!

Summer 2018

Hot start to the new training year!

As you know, the summer of 2018 was very hot and sunny. Just like our start to the new training year.

We have now taken our 12 new dialogue marketing specialists and agents to our hearts and we are happy to have them as part of our T.D.M. community. We wish you every success with us and look forward to a stimulating ☺☻ time together with you!


Sommer 2017